drone photography and videography


Property Surveying

Close Up Aerial images of your Property For Use to Identify Chimney or Roofing Defects Or Just To Provide a Unique View Of Your Property.

Property Advertising

Aerial images And Videography for the use in Property Marketing. 

Promotional Videos And Images Of Your Business.

Wedding Photography

Capture your special day in a unique and memorable way with drone photography and videography.

Agricultural Surveying and Mapping

For use in crop surveying and mapping to assist with crop management and surveying of farmlands with drone photography and videography.

Drone Flying Lessons

Had a new drone and nervous about flying it? Come and have some one to one lessons to increase your confidence and knowledge regarding the law surrounding the use of drones and drone photography and videography.

All video footage is captured in stunning 4k and images in 20 megapixels.